Stylish and original precious ceramic objects for multifaceted interiors.

hondroulis statues

The Hondroulis collection arose in the personal fantasy world of Bernadette Van Den Steen. When she was pregnant with her son, she was fascinated by and found inspiration in seeing her round belly in the mirror. After all, if you translate Hondroulis from Greek, it means "little fattie". With this playful thought she references to the small, bold, humanlike figures with pleasant, friendly and childlike expressions. These artistic statues are available in different variations of the theme. These items are made on order, so you can only get them on request.

Hondroulis professionals collection

The Hondroulis professionals further expand the vision of the original collection, but this time in collaboration with silver creations by my husband. It’s a partnership between our house brands Ntheo and Bvds. This time we ventured on the idea of giving the statues all kinds of profession related accessories. Thanks to the fusion of our crafts we had way more room to be creative, this made the statues even more playful and the fit the concept perfectly.
These statues can be made on request, but we’re also able to make custom models. For this we go into conversation with our client, so we can discuss the possibilities, and the duration of the process.