Welcome in the miraculous world of Bernadette Van Den Steen where earth, water and fire result in expressive and inspirational "Precious Ceramic Artwork"


The necessity for creation is a power that grew in me from young age. Many personal cantacts and accidental experiences have formed and developped this strong internal power. The unique moment of creation, giving life to my thoughts and vison, forming them into "PRECIOUS CERAMIC ARTWORK" by hand, is a very important part of my life.These moments of creation together with the appreciation for my work, which i am happy to receive, are my drive and inspiration.

Precious ceramic artwork by Bernadette Van Den Steen


Bernadette Van Den Steen, graduate of art education decided after her studies to take a course of ceramics, a direction that attracted her.

She successfully finished the course of ceramics/sculpture in the Academy of fine arts in Aalst. Her organic three dimensional objects were appreciated with result a degree with honours, the Valerius De Sadeleer first prize of the city of Aalst for her final work, and another prize from the city of Ninove.