These urns are inspired by my vision of modern society, today's reality, architecture  and art. Made out of smooth lines and architectural forms and decorated with soft and pastel colors.

Dakri collection

Every tear of sorrow hides a smile of remembrance...
The frontside of these urns are tearshaped, in the bottom part lies a small hart in gold or platina, a symbol for the warm and loving remembrance.
The heart in the large and medium size can be filled in order to be cherished.

Iris collection

Out of sight, but not out of mind... This collection of urns is appearing like "eyes" looking at the sky.
When we talk or think about our beloved ones we tend to look at the sky, this is exactly what I planned to capture with this collection.
The urns can be made in different colours and combinations of textures, sizes 10 - 15 and 20cm diameter.

Kiklos collectie

Deze urnencollectie is geïspireerd door het Griekse woord voor cyclus.
Zoals ook het leven een steeds herhaalbare serie van gebeurtenissen is.
In de vorm van deze urne is de cyclus onderbroken, het hartje dat hierin geplaatst is kan gekoesterd worden en staat symbool voor de herinneringen.
Urne beschikbaar in L en Sm keepsake.

Lithos collection

Lithos is the Greek word for things related to stone, from antiquity till our present days stone is being used in monuments of remembrance.
This urn is looking like a monolith with a corner missing, this corner is representing the void left behind by those who left us.
All around the urn is engraved with texts or a poem, memories...

Lotus collection

As associated with rebirth, it is no surprise that the lotusflower is associated with death, transforming a person into a lotus and allowing resurrection.
This urn collection is based on the leafs of a lotus symbolising purity and spirituality and coloured in a sober colourscheme.
Available in Large, Medium and Small.

Kormos Collection

This collection of urns is inspired by tree trunks, by its striking structure these urns appear very natural.
The sober and simple look of unglazed stoneware confirms this.
The urns are available in different sizes in beige or antracite.

Rigatte collection

Series of round urns and keepsakes inspired by "sgrafitto" technique, stoneware baked.

A spiral line runs from the top down ans symbolises the infinity of life.

Urn(20cm-3liter) and keepsake(10cm-0.25liter) close from under with a ceramic lid.