The heart represents the everlasting love and remembrance of those who left from those who remain.

Cardia collection

The heart as symbol of dedication and love, this heartshaped urn is available in different variations and colours.
Ornaments as treebranches and butterflies symbolise life, death, metamorphosis and ressurection, the butterfly is representing the psyche or soul.
Available as Urn and Keepsake.

hearts collection

The heart as the source of feelings and emotions, this collection of keepsakes and altars in order to keep and cherish our feelings and memories
of our beloved.
The altar can serve as a place in the house devoted to the remembrance.
Available in different colours and as melted double hearts.

Votsalo hearts collection

Votsalo is the greek word meaning the boulders that are washing ashore on the beach, round and soft and marked by time.
This urn collection has a soft rounded form and a sober coloursheme. Available as urn and cherishable keepsakes.