Traditional and timeless shapes combined with elegant elements result in these fine classical collection of urns.

Circles collection

This spherical urn collection is based on "The circle of life", the circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. 

It represents totality, wholeness, perfection, eternity and timelessness, and for that matter also the cosmos and a spiritual mother nature,

a sacred space.

Patinated with natural colours and finished with details glazed or gold an platina.

Available in different sizes and colours.


Square collection

This collection of rectangular form is inspired by the Twin Towers and the NewYork skyline.

A specific round pattern is engraved in the clay and coloured in shiny and mat coloursheme.




Feggari collection

FEGGARI, the Greek word meaning "moon", is a collection of urns inspired by the moon and its ever changing appearance in our skies. It's always present, sometimes bright and shiny, sometimes hidden behind the clouds...As our grief for the loss of our beloved.
Available en Large and Small keepsake, a large variety of colours.

Pure collection

This Pure collection is dirived from the classical urn form, the lightly bende forms in the design give it a pure and natural look.
Finished with ornaments that are also symbols of Purity as birds and butterflies.
Available in Large and Small and different colourshemes.

Sfera collection

Spherical urncollection based on the sun and the planets. The sphere is symbol for totality, perfection, wholeness, eternity and timelessness.
In a sphere every point at the surface is at exactly the same distance from the centre.
This glazed collection is available in a large variety of sizes and colours. Finished with details in gold or platina.

Folia collection

FOLIA or "nest" is a serie of urns ispired by the elements of nature, earth and fire. The round and semi-round form and the colours representing the earth.
The flame ornament and the gold details in the decoration representing fire.

Tolos collection

TOLOS urn collection is a modern variation of the classical urnforms, with lightly bended lines as a vault. Finished with different textures and sober colours, decorated
with ornaments inspired by nature.