keepsakes to cherish and feel  your nearest made out of porcelain,  colored clay finished with sterling silver elements. 

Votsalo collection

Votsalo is the greek word meaning the boulders that are washing ashore on the beach, round and soft and marked by time.
This urn collection has a soft rounded form and a sober colour sheme which gives is a peacefull appearance.
Available as urn and cherishable keepsakes.

Touch collection

This collection of cherishable keepsakes are meant to love, to be kept close, to touch.
The closure is bordered with a sterling silver band, this gives an extra sensation by touching, soft colours and forms provide a calm and peacefull feeling.

Touch porcelein collection

To touch, to love and to cherish, this forms are meant to feel about with the hands. This collection of jewelry for ashes is made in porcelein and sterling silver. The pure white of the porcelein is soft an cherishable, finished with a beautifull silver closure with or without kristals.
Available in different forms.